Cordillera Avellano


Cordillera Avellano

The Cordillera Avellano is unquestionably the latest great discovery of Patagonia. Huge mountains and big walls of beautiful granite. The range lies approximately at 30km south of Villa Cerro Castillo. It has been visited by no more than 6 or 7 expeditions and is a wild and adventurous place. Access is quite simle and a trip combining trekking with an easy peak can be made in 5-6 days.

More technical expeditions can be organized to the big granite towers of the range. This would be serious mountaineering as one would experience in places like Chamonix, Chalten or Torres del Paine. The region is not so remote but is very wild. 2 days approach are required to get to the base of the towers. Cerro Castillo Mountain Guides warmly recommends this small cordillera for all mountaineers looking to experience the very heart of Patagonia, its great beauty and unique alpine potential.

Duration : 7-15 days

Season : October to April

Price per person upon request