We noticed the past few years that the Portezuelo Ibañez area, approximately 15km from Villa Cerro Castillo, is one of the most promising spots in Patagonia for backcountry skiing. It is close to the Argentine plains so the snow is generally drier than in other areas closer to the ocean. The season is also longer, extending generally from July to November. Access is easy with the Carretera Austral running close to the base of many mountains. The Cerro Castillo area is developing into an exciting alternative to the Bariloche and Chilean Volcanoes ski regions much further north. We recommend ski trips from 8 days to 20 days (if a major ski ascent is planned, e.g. Cerro San Lorenzo).

Duration : 8-20 days

Season : July to November

Price upon request, depending on the program, logisitics, number of participants and duration.