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We picked the most interesting mountains of the region according to their technical difficulty, easy access and interesting climbs. Whatever your climbng level, you will experience a unique mountaineering adventure.

Cerro Castillo Mountain Guides organize all expedition logistics to any part of the Chilean region of Aysen : airport transfers, accomodation in Villa Cerro Castillo, transfers to and from the mountains, providing of horses, zodiacs, porters and mountain guides.



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 Cerro Castillo, 2675m

The « Castle Mountain » – is probably the most emblematic mountain of Chilean Patagonia after the Torres del Paine. It’s a technical and difficult climb from whatever side you attempt it, thus it’s name.


At 4058m San Valentin is the highest mountain in Patagonia. Famous for its poor weather it is located at approximately 160 km from Villa Cerro Castillo on the edge of the Northern Patagonian Ice Cap.

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Cerro Puntudo 2140m

 Is the highest point of a small granite massif at only 5 hours walk from the town of Villa Cerro Castillo. Climbers only started exploring the area in 2016 so there still are plenty of new lines waiting for a first ascent.


San Lorenzo is the second highest mountain in Patagonia, culminating at 3706m and one of the most spectacular with its enormous mushroom shaped snow ridges near the summit. It is more a mountain range than a single summit.

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Cerro Peñon

There are two major mountains around the little town of Villa Cerro Castillo : Cerro Castillo and Cerro Peñon. The latter is the most spectacularly glaciated mountain of the Reserva Nacional.


The Cordillera Avellano is unquestionably the latest great discovery of Patagonia. Huge mountains and big walls of beautiful granite. The range lies approximately at 30km south of Villa Cerro Castillo.