Trekking makes a lot of sense in remote regions like the Himalayas or Patagonia. It is the obvious way of travelling from one place to another. In the huge wilderness of Patagonia, walking is a common way of moving around, and sometimes the only way to get somewhere. The Reserva Nacional Cerro Castillo offers a wide variety of accessible treks in a stunning natural environment. The classic routes are 4 to 8 days long. Equipment is in some places carried on horseback or by porters. The most classic walk in the region is the Cerro Castillo trek, which runs from Las Horquetas to the Neo Zelandes campsite in the Reserva Nacional. This route can easily be extended, starting from the estero Parada all the way to the Cerro Puntudo massif, thereby completing an integral tour of the Cerro Castillo massif. A highly recommended and scenic option. Patagonia is unquestionably a unique trekking region with remote and peaceful campsites.

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Laguna Cerro Castillo trek.

The region’s most classic trek. A day walk from the village to Laguna Cerro Castillo and its spectacular views on the glaciers of the south face of Cerro Castillo.

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Lago General Carrera trek.

An adventurous trek along the wild northern shores of Lago General Carrera, from Peninsula Levican all the way to Puerto Sanchez. We will share privileged moments with local pioneers living in the most remote areas, enjoying beautiful campsites along the lake.

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Classic Cerro Castillo trek.

The most popular trek in the Reserva Nacional. A four days walking, starting at Las Horquetas, passing through Laguna Cerro Castillo and ending at Villa Cerro Castillo.


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Mt.Castillo Challenge trek.

An original tour of the Cerro Castillo massif looking for the most scenic and exclusive spots. Glacier walking equipment will be required